One Ultimate Catalyst Solution Provider from Germany

As a family-run, medium-sized company based in Menden in central Germany, HJS Emission Technology GmbH & Co. KG has many years of experience and expertise in exhaust-gas aftertreatment. Some 450 employees are engaged in the development, production and marketing of modular systems for reducing pollutant emissions. Its innovative environmental protection technologies can be used either as original equipment or for retrofitting in passenger cars, commercial vehicles and a wide range of non-road applications.

In addition to systems for spark-ignition engines, HJS specialises in systems for diesel engines – especially for reducing the emissions of soot particles (PM) and nitrogen oxides. All systems meet the statutory requirements and are certified in accordance with the valid licensing regulations.

With a wide range of patents for DPF® (diesel particulate filters) and SCRT® (Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology), HJS sets the benchmark both nationally and globally.


As a supplier to our motorsport and tuning customers, HJS know from its own experience that product quality and service are the key criteria for positive customer relations.

A skilled, committed and self-reliant workforce is one side of its business. Successful, motivated and highly satisfied customers are the other.

The same counts in motorsport as in any other business: it’s the performance of the complete package that decides on success or failure. HJS sees itself as partner of our customers, doing everything possible to ensure their success.

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